Aims and Objects of Burhani Qardan Hasana Scheme. To promote, propagate, foster and implement the concept of Qardan Hasana. To establish and organize other supportive and relative Qardan Hasana Schemes under BQHS

  • In BQHS- Husain Scheme any one can contribute having an Indian Local or a NRO a/c.

  • In an individual / company & organization profile contribution can be done from any Indian Local or a NRO a/c. Contributor is solely responsible from which bank account he is contributing as refund of an individual profile will be given in an individual account of same person only (e.g Profile Name –Burhanuddin, Account Name-Burhanuddin) and in a company/organization profile of same company/organization only (e.g Profile Name - Burhani Traders, Account Name – Burhani Traders).

  • A person can contribute as much as he wants there is no upper limit (min Limit Rs.2,000).

  • Husain Scheme is 100% refundable scheme. Partial or total withdrawal can be requested after 7 days of contribution, as per the contributor's requirement.
  • Refund is processed on the refund date, given at the time of contribution. A refund alert is sent 12-15 days prior to the refund date. The contributor has the option to extend or withdraw their funds at their discretion.
  • Refund is processed every Monday & Thursday through NEFT/RTGS only.

  • Withdrawal request received by our office after 12:00 pm will be processed on next refund day.
  • Bank details may be updated at any point of time. Contributions from individuals will be refunded to an individual's account, and contribution from a company/organization will be refunded to the company/organization account.
  • Kindly be very careful while updating your Bank Details on our Website. Contributor is solely responsible for any errors in Account Number, IFSC Code and Account Name. BQHS-Husain Scheme is not responsible for any incorrect details entered and subsequent refunds made to the wrong account / person.
  • PAN card is required for all contributions. Refunds will not be processed without a PAN card.